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An Oil Leak That Isn’t Bad for the Environment

My favorite package design finds are the ones that I come across when I least expect it. We were in Hampton Bays, NY this weekend and stopped in a little restaurant/fish market called Out of the Blue for some GREAT Manhattan Clam Chowder and Sweet Potato Fries. To the right of the counter, they sell condiments & sauces for preparing fish, and that’s where I spotted THIS big beautiful can of Greek Olive Oil produced by Iliada!

The large bold type caught my eye as well as the shiny industrial can. The olive oil “leak” on the top is spot varnished so it actually tricked me into thinking it was leaking, in fact, I put the first can down and picked up the one behind it. The only thing that I found unfortunate was that the cans were slightly dented, which is something to consider when your product is imported, maybe a slightly heavier weight can would fare better?

Here are some additional flavored oils sold on their website. The real photography definitely adds appetite appeal and I love the way it's intertwined with the type!

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