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When a Brand Uses Eye “Candy”

Now that the “jig” is up for Nespresso™ pods, we’ve been trying different coffees to fulfill our need for caffeine. Imagine my surprise when I saw a box full of these goodies sitting on my kitchen counter! I couldn’t wait to try the chocolate covered pretzels! Much to my dismay; albeit temporary, the bag was filled with espresso pods! What?!

Let’s take a closer look at this…

Designers are always looking for innovative ways to make their brands eye-catching and this is an interesting nice-looking concept, but it would be way too confusing in a larger store setting (we purchased this coffee online). These aren’t flavored coffees either, which was my second thought. The text on the back of each package hints certain flavor cues from the image on the front, reminiscent of the way wines are often described.

Package design confusion aside, we really like this HiLine Coffee a lot, in fact we’ve already placed a second order. It’s roasted and packed upon ordering, so when you open the bag, the aroma brings you straight to fresh coffee heaven. Brew a cup or two and the taste will do the same.


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