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Artisanal Meatarians

My family loves jerky, we are meatarians to the core! Especially this artisanal line that Krave created in partnership with Whole Foods and their 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program. I find the unique flavor profiles even more intriguing then those in their base line (see last pic below). Their jerky is made in USA, Gluten-free, devoid of nitrites, MSG, and corn syrup and it tastes less salty then other jerky which means better flavor too.

Krave did a great job of making this line look more premium. First of all they use a matte varnish to make the animal illustration and label area stand out. Secondly, the shiny background pattern adds to the character and creates an authentic feeling, this is the real deal! The animal illustrations are charming and colorful and make it easy to tell the difference between the flavors AND the type of meat used. Their active logo, the little running man, leads me to believe that this snack will fit right into my healthy lifestyle.

BTW – here are a few recipes to try using their delicious jerky… click here YUM!

Here is their base line, which costs $2 less per bag then the artisanal line. It doesn’t have the same design nuances, which is a good thing, because it sets the two lines apart:

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