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Pole & Line Caught Tuna

I know it’s only tuna, but this package stopped me in my tracks! The illustration on each variety is beautiful with a unique and hand crafted logo too. I can also appreciate that their tuna is caught using responsible, lower impact fishing methods which you can read more about here:

Whole foods only had three varieties, but there are seven cans total:

-Tuna with salt, Tuna with no salt added, Tuna in Olive Oil

-Yellow Fin with salt, Yellow Fin with no salt added

-Skipjack with salt, Skipjack with no salt added

It was really, really hard to find the difference between the varieties on the supermarket shelf, especially since I wasn’t familiar with this brand. I’d recommend stronger color coding between the varieties and larger type for the “no salt added” message. Have you ever purchased Tuna with “no salt added” by accident? ...You only want to make THAT mistake once 🙂

So in this sea of tuna cans, it took me a while to find the variety I wanted to buy, but I would definitely buy it again! Happy fishing!

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