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Simple vs. Generic Package Design: The Slippery Slope

So, the word on the street is that the pickle category hasn’t seen anything new and great in a long time! Worry not, Rick’s Picks is on the scene to spice things up. Rick’s Picks’ are delicious and could even sell themselves without the labels. They look like my mom’s from-the-garden-homemade dilly beans and pickles. It even temps me to join their pickle club! The simplicity and small size of the labels help you focus on the goodness of what’s inside the jar. Also, the color coding between the flavors is very strong with icons as a secondary differentiation.

So why did I choose to post about Rick’s Picks? Yup, simplicity! I think by now, it’s pretty obvious that I prefer simplicity. However, how do you ensure that you don’t cross the line from the sophistication of simplicity into the void of generic? Make sure the few things left on the label have strong character. So what would I choose on Rick’s Picks for a character boost? The logo. The logo lacks that special something and it looks like it was typed without any modifications to the letter forms. For example, maybe the logotype would benefit from a slight ‘grunge’ stamped texture, or maybe the leg of the “k” in the word “Picks” hangs slightly below the baseline, reminiscent of low hanging veggies, ripe for the picking. Another suggestion would be to use a textured off-white label instead of a smooth white label. Any or all of these special nuances would keep it simple and strengthen the brand too.

So if you want to spice up your Sunday brunch or kick up your next batch of Bloody Marys, “simply” add Rick’s Picks!

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