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When Mind Changing is Epic

Does your mind ever change about package design once you use the product?

When I first spotted these Epic Bites, I felt strongly about the use of realistic animal illustrations. I thought that the realism would turn people off to the product. Regardless, I purchased all the flavors and decided to try them. Amazing! It’s a little different then jerky. Its finely chopped and formed into a “bite” (or they come in bars too) using a great combination of dried fruits, spices, and meat. They didn’t go overboard on the salt either.

The illustrations grew on me and instead of feeling guilty when seeing the cute animal on the front, they now represented the farm raised freshness of the meat I was eating. So yes, I believe that products can change your mind about the package design and it probably happens all the time. Once you try a product and even fall in love with it, you can have a different feeling about the packaging. Has this ever happened to you? Try it and let me know!

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